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Plant Breeding

Tomato landraces & (old) cultivars

Nr Accession ID EUSOL accession ID Accession Name Reasons Genebank
1 PV several Moneymaker   PBR
2 PV several Alisa Craig old cultivar PBR
3 PV EA06086 Garderners Delight old cultivar PBR
4 PV EA00465 Rutgers old cultivar Craig Lehoullier
5   EA00325 GALINA Heirloom, diversity Craig Lehoullier
6   EA00448 PONDEROSA (revision 050215) Heirloom, diversity  
7   EA00375 Katinka Cherry Heirloom / phylogeny Craig Lehoullier
8   EA00371 John's big orange Heirloom / phylogeny Craig Lehoullier
11 LYC 1365 EA02617 All Round Agronomic traits IPK Gatersleben
12 LYC 1969 EA02724 Sonato Agronomic traits IPK Gatersleben
13 LYC 3897 EA03701 Cross Country Agronomic traits IPK Gatersleben
14 LYC 3476 EA03362 Iidi Plant architecture IPK Gatersleben
15 TR00003 Momotaro (Tough Boy) pink beef Rijk Zwaan
16 CGN15464 EA01965 Rote Beere brix TGRC
17 LYC 3340 EA03306   brix IPK Gatersleben
18   EA01155 DANA fruit size Sand Hill Preservation Center
19   EA01049 LARGE PINK fruit weight Sand Hill Preservation Center
20 LYC 3153 EA03221 Lycopersicon esculentum. Mill. fruit weight IPK Gatersleben
21 LYC 3155 EA03222 Bolivar' Lycopersicon esculentum. Mill. Convar. infiniens Lehm. Var. commune bail. fruit weight IPK Gatersleben
22 PI 129097 EA04710   fruit weight USDA, ARS, Geneva
23 PI 272654 EA05170   fruit weight USDA, ARS, Geneva
24   EA00990 JERSEY DEVIL fruit size Sand Hill Preservation Center
26   EA00157 Polish Joe fruit locule count  
27 CGN20815 EA02054 Cal J TM VF fruit locule count TGRC
28 PI 303721 EA05581 The Dutchman fruit locule count GENEVA
29   EA00027 BLACK CHERRY  
30 V710092 EA01835 ANTO collection date  
31 PC711092 EA01854 WINTER TIPE (NOR) collection date  
32 PI 93302 EA04243 'Chang Li' Lycopersicon esculentum collection date / collection iste USDA, ARS, Geneva
33 SG 16 EA00892 Belmonte  
34   EA01088 TIFFEN MENNONITE phylogeny Sand Hill Preservation Center
35 PI 203232 EA04939 Wheatley's Frost Resistant collection site USDA, ARS, Geneva
36 PI 311117 EA05701   collection site USDA, ARS, Geneva
37 PI 365925 EA05891   collection site USDA, ARS, Geneva
38 PI 158760 EA04828 Chih-Mu-Tao-Se collection site / phylogeny USDA, ARS, Geneva
39 LA0113 EA00526   collection site / germplasm status TGRC
40 LYC 1410 EA02655 ES 58 Heinz' Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. Convar. infiniens Lehm. Var. pluriloculare Lehm. phylogeny IPK Gatersleben
41 PI 169588 EA04861 Dolmalik collection date / phylogeny USDA, ARS, Geneva
42 LYC 2962 EA03107   phylogeny IPK Gatersleben
45 LYC 2740 EA02960   Plant architecture, Request Keygen IPK Gatersleben
77 TR00018 Large Red Cherry Totally Tomatoes
78 EA00940 Porter Tomato Growers Supply Company
88 TR00019 Bloody Butcher Totally Tomatoes
89 EA01019 Brandywine Tomato Growers Supply Company
90 TR00020 Dixy Golden Giant Tomato Growers Supply Company
91 EA01037 Giant Belgium Tomato Growers Supply Company
93 TR00021 Kentucky Beefsteak Tomato Growers Supply Company
94 TR00022 Marmande VFA Tomato Growers Supply Company
96 TR00023 Thessaloniki Tomato Growers Supply Company
97 EA01640 Watermelon Beefsteak Tomato Growers Supply Company
102 LA4133 TR00026 TGRC
103 LA1421 TR00027 TGRC
105 LA1479 TR00028 TGRC

Wild tomato relatives

Nr Accession ID EUSOL accession ID Species Literature References Reasons Genebank Mating system
43 LYC 2910 EA03058 S. pimpinellifolium (Jusl.) Mill.   collection site IPK Gatersleben  
44 LYC 2798 EA02994 S. pimpinellifolium (Jusl.) Mill. var. pimpinellifolium.   fruit wieght IPK Gatersleben  
46 LA1584 EA00676 S. pimpinellifolium   Whitefly resistance TGRC Facultative-SC
47 LA1578 EA00674 S. pimpinellifolium   Drought resistance TGRC Facultative-SC
49 LA1278 TR00005 S. peruvianum?   Salinity / alkalinity resistance TGRC Autogamous-SC
51 LA2663 TR00007 S. chiemliewskii   Steep banks in rocks TGRC Facultative-SC
52 LA2695 EA00759 S. chiemliewskii     TGRC Facultative-SC
53 LA0483 EA00581 S. cheesmaniae   Agronomic traits TGRC Autogamous-SC
54 CGN15820 TR00024 S. cheesmaniae   F. oxysporum resistance CGN  
55 LA1401 EA00652 S. cheesmaniae     TGRC Autogamous-SC
56 LA2133 EA00729 S. neorickii   Agronomic traits TGRC Autogamous-SC
57 CGN24193 TR00025 S. neorickii   O. neolycopersici & B. cinerea resistance Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands  
58 LA2157 TR00008 S. Arcanum   C. michiganensis resistance TGRC Facultative-SC
59 LA2172 TR00009 S. Arcanum     TGRC Allogamous-SI
60 LA1954 EA00713 S. peruvianum     TGRC Allogamous-SI
62 LA1983 TR00010 S. huaylasense   dry habitat TGRC Allogamous-SI
63 LA1365 TR00011 S. huaylasense   Steep dry banks TGRC Allogamous-SI
64 CGN15532 TR00012 S. chilense     TGRC  
65 CGN15530 TR00013 S. chilense     TGRC Allogamous-SI
66 CGN15791 TR00014 S. habrochaites f. glabratum   Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands  
67 PI134418 TR00015 S. habrochaites f. glabratum   USDA, ARS, Geneva  
68 CGN15792 TR00016 S. habrochaites f. glabratum   Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands  
69 LA1718 EA00699 S. habrochaites f. glabratum   TGRC Allogamous-SI
70 LA1777 EA00703 S. habrochaites   Agronomic traits TGRC Allogamous-SI
71 LA407 EA00558 S. habrochaites   C. michiganensis resistance TGRC Facultative-SC
72 LYC4 TR00017 S. habrochaites B. cinerea resistance & Agronomic traits IPK Gatersleben Facultative-SC
73 LYC 1831 EA02701 S. pennellii   steep rocky slope, LA1272 IPK Gatersleben Allogamous-SI
74 LA0716 EA00585 S. pennellii   Parent introgression lines TGRC Facultative-SC
75 LA1364 TR00030 S. huaylense   TGRC
104 LA1044 TR00029 S. galapagense   TGRC
25 T 1248 EA03384 S. corneliomulleri LA0118   fruit size IPK Gatersleben Allogamous-SI

Experimental population

60 indiviuduals of an RIL population (RI6) of the cross between S. lycopersicum cv. Moneymaker x S. pimpinellifolium CGN 15528 will be sequenced.